Developed a name and sub-brand focusing on faster build times, curated selections, and accessible pricing. Developed brand identity,  voice, and a dynamic digital campaign designed to resonate with first-time millennial buyers. Through email, organic and paid social posts, and animated retargeting banner ads, the Rise campaign reached over 636,657 potential buyers, drove over 1,300+ users to the landing page, and drove 24 total sales within the first few months.

• Named the collection "Rise" to evoke a sense of "a new dawn," aligning with millennial aspirations for self-improvement.

• Rise colors utilized the client's palette, emphasizing brightness, with graphics incorporating elements of "dawn" like a rooster, a forward-pointing weathervane, a sunny-side-up egg, a cup of coffee, and a sun.

• Established a brand voice connecting the builder's expertise with The Rise Collection's unique selling points.

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